• Himalian spring programm.

    обложка Девраха Баба лила даршан

    Radhe Radhe 
    Guru Jee Dev Das Maharaj invites you to take part in the Himalian spring program. 
    Dates: 15 – 27 Mar 2017 
    Program: cleaning practices based on Pancha tattva (the 5 basic elements - water, earth, fire, air, ether), the practice of chakras, yoga, satsang. 
    The program will be near the city of Haridwar in a five star resort, located deep in the jungle. 
    Cost: 1500 $ (the program, transfer, accommodation, meals). 
    Visa and tickets to India are paid by the participants separetely. 
    The program will be in English, with the translation into Russian. 
    For all questions and registration: 
    What's up : +91 7457-842385 
    Guru JI aslo welcomes everyone to come and celebrate the festival of colors Holi on March 13 in Devraha Baba Ashram in Vrindavan. 
    Radhe Radhe!
  • Maha Shivaratri festival sadhana by our Guru Ji

    Radhe Radhe,

    Maha Shiva Ratri is going to be on 7th of March this year. Here is the sadhana program that gave us our Guru Ji Dev Das Ji Maharaj. 

    5 lamps : 1 in front and 4 around and blue colour flowers and 1 cup of water. In water have to put rice, sweet, this water cover with plate. Chant Baba mantra 1mala , guru mantra 30 mala, mahamirtyunjaya 5 mala. And morning time put this water wirh rice and sweet in the garden. This practice have to make after 23:00 , night from 7th to 8th of March.

  • New Ekadashi calendar

    We are proud to introduce our new Ekadashi calendar. You can find it on the left-side panel. 

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    Thanks to our gurubrothers from India

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