To give love is to get love

The story of Shree Dev Das Ji Maharaj’s life lies beyond European understanding. At the age of 7 he left his home in search of his Way and his Teacher in the Himalayas. Devdas reached the ashram of his Teacher Devraha when he was 12; he walked along the Yamuna River from the upper Himalayas where he had lived for several years as a pupil of Himalayan teachers. He spent many years beside Devraha Baba until his last day of carnal existence.

Nowadays Shree Dev Das Ji Maharaj (together with Ram Sewak Das Ji Maharaj) is the founder and the supervisor of several Devraha Baba monasteries (ashrams) in India and Europe. His work is oriented towards the extension of understanding between the people of all countries and confessions, helping with harmonious spiritual development of the mankind, protection of nature and every living thing. Maharaj is the president of the International non-profit organization IDF — International Devraha Foundation founded in 1991. It’s aimed at rendering help and providing protection to the needful – orphaned children, indigent families, lonely old people, homeless animals and nature. It carries out charity work in Russia, India, European and Asian countries (including Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Thailand, and Laos).

Films about two Devraha Baba' senior pupils Dev Das and Ram Sewak Das Maharajes:

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July 2011
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